360° 2D LiDAR
Multi-Target Detection
SP1501 1D


360° 2D LiDAR

  • 300RPM
  • 0.05 -12 m ranging distance
  • 1.8 – 7.2 k measurement speed
  • 2-echo reporting

Single-point LiDAR module can be used as the basic building block for applications where small size, light weight, low power consumption and high performance are important factors. 360o 2D LiDAR is an example where the single-point LiDAR module is mounted on a rotating platform as a 2-D scanning LiDAR.

Multi-Target Detection

Able to detect the front glass wall, benefiting from both high sensitivity and multi-echo detection.



SPAD ToF LiDAR vs Triangulation LDS

SPAD ToF LiDAR Triangulation LDS
Ranging distance > 10m < 6m typical
Accuracy accurate from
the short to long range
Much accurate in,
but poor in long range
Specular-reflection detection V X
Multi-target detection V X
Mass-production assembly Simple Difficult
Reliability & lifetime High Low
Volume Small Large

Conventional ToF vs SPAD ToF

Conventional ToF SPAD ToF
RX Discrete APD (HV) On-chip SPAD (LV)
Composed of discrete components
(TIA, comparator, TDC…)
ASIC solution with integrated Q/R,
TDC, histogram DSP…
TX LD peak power >25W (HV) LD peak power ~2.5W (LV)
Higher current driver IC
(higher cost & heat)
Lower current driver IC
(lower cost & cool)

SP1501 1D ToF LiDAR Module

  • Highly integrated ASIC solution ➤ competitive system cost
  • Accurate distance/intensity reporting ➤ easy to use
  • Low external BOM ➤ compact volume (small EVB of 3x1x1.5 cm3 is available)

Evaluation Kit for SP1501

The SP1501 Evaluation Kit comes with everything needed to evaluate the SP1501 1D ToF LiDAR, comprising of:

  • ToF sensor module
  • UART-to-USB board
  • USB type A to mini-USB cable
  • DEMO software and EVM documentation

New Product Design and Development Services

PCB design / Module Performance Evaluation and Verification / Firmware support / Sensor module calibration / Module alignment and adjustment

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