Seer Microelectronics Inc. is a startup company focusing on high performance sensor IC design in Taiwan.
Seer: a person who prophesies future events; Photon symbol (gamma)=γ;  See a photon = see r

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The head office is located at Kuang-Fu Campus of ITRI, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Seermicro was spin off from ITRI in the beginning of 2020. The founding team has been engaged in the R&D of CMOS SPAD sensor technology for over 8 years, and has provided the services to mass production for customers for over one year. Seermicro provides a series of ToF SoCs for different applications such as robots, autonomous driving, AR/VR, and AVR. The SPAD sensor chips feature high precision, low power consumption, high integration and compact package.

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