ToFLY® SP5661

ToFLY® SP5661

Mid to long range TOF SoC Chip


Technical Advantages


Product Competitiveness


Functional Use

“Direct Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology”
  • No multi-path and no multiple object problems as for iToF.

“On-chip SPAD detection”
  • High sensitivity allows the use of low power laser diode.

“Fast Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) architecture”
  • Low dead time and accurate distance ranging.

“On-chip DSP with accurate depth algorithm”
  • High precision covering from short to long range, even with very dark or glossy objects.

“Multi-echo measurement”
  • Multi-target detection (can recognize the transparent objects such as the glass materials).
“Maximum distance ranging up to 1000m”

Product Benefits

“Fast Measurement”

“High Accuracy”

“Long Battery Life”

“Capable to Use 2 AAA Batteries”

“Low BOM”,”Compact Volume”,”Light Weight”


It is widely used for distance measurement of golf, hunting and other sports and field activities; it can also be used for intelligent security, general topographic survey, warehouse ranger, etc.

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